Uh, Dude, You Got a Dell?

Pleasant Valley Real Estate gets a DellRemember the Dell TV commercial with actor Ben Curtis playing an enthusiastic computer geek salesman, telling an equally geeky tween, “Dude, you’re getting a Dell”? I loved that commercial, and recently I got my own Dell for my office. Or maybe I should say… I got my own month in hell.

Pleasant Valley Real Estate gets Dell ComputerHelloooo… is anyone there?

I had the PC five days when it crashed. My husband patiently enrolled me in a contract with Dell for telephone tech support. The next day I waited equally patiently for 35 minutes before I got through to a tech person, and then his accent was so heavy I could hardly understand him. I was finally transferred to someone deemed appropriate for the specific problem my computer had. One hour and ten minutes later my computer was working again, and I had cauliflower ear.

So, about three weeks later it happens again… crash… and I call again, same deal, big wait, hard-to-understand people, and then finally done again about one hour and ten minutes later.

After the third time it got old for sure, but on the fourth time PAYDAY! The computer just completely crashed… dead dead dead. Hard drive gone. This time they told me it would take about 10 to 12 days before I would get my computer back and because my warranty was not the right type (who knew?) I had to wait until they sent me a box in which I could then send my computer back to them and then I could wait the 10 to 12 days and in the meantime NO computer to use!!!

ARG! My frustration level was rising like the launching of Atlantis.Pleasant Valley Real Estate rising like Atlantis

Damsel in Distress

Enter my knight in shining armor. Best Buy came to my rescue in a huge way. They took my computer, fixed the hard drive and reinstalled my programs! Thank you Best Buy (Williston Vermont)!

So, when you need a new computer, please go to Best Buy and work with these folks, but remember, “Dude, you’re NOT getting a Dell!”


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