Vermont and Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene’s impact on Vermont was devastating. Vermont is a very small state and a high percentage of people were affected by the floods. Those of us who escaped the flooding have friends or family who did not.

The outpouring of help has been incredible.

Many people have volunteered to help flood victims clear the rubble from their homes and businesses and begin the long process of mucking out mud, cleaning debris, and tearing houses down to their framing. Individual costs to repair homes and businesses are enormous. FEMA will help, but for those who did not have flood insurance, it’s not enough.

Helping with Hurricane Damage in Vermont

There are many collection points for any one wishing to donate assistance of any kind – food, clothing, appliances, furniture, and of course money. For those of us in the Underhill and Jericho areas the Underhill Town Office is a collection site. Additional items needed are cleaning supplies such as brooms, mops, pails, face masks, soap, generators, and fans.

More Detailed Info From Underhill Town Clerk

You may call Sheri Morin, Underhill’s town clerk, at 802-363-8107, for more detailed information on the best ways to help our friends and neighbors.

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