Vermont Fall Foliage and the Passing of Summer

Vermont Fall FoliageVermont fall foliage is like a big bowl of Trix—raspberry red, lemon yellow, and orange orange! The hillsides and mountains are breathtakingly beautiful right now. Every year I mourn the passing of summer; no more long days and warm nights. By mid-August the evening air starts to cool and I am sad to see it all end.

Then, miraculously, there is our glorious Vermont fall foliage that just takes my breath away every day. I watch it build and see the changes begin and then all of a sudden… BAAM! We are at peak foliage and my sadness of summer’s end fades. I say goodbye to September and embrace the next season to come.

Vermont Fall FoliageEvery year I grab my camera and try to pick the most perfect days for shooting. Every year I look at my pictures and realize they don’t come close to capturing the colors and contrasts of our trees. I try anyway. It gives me the excuse to take a hike and try to get the best overall foliage shot, something for my website—a video or a still image.

Vermont Fall FoliageThere are not a lot of benefits to being self-employed, but on occasion, just being able to take advantage of where I live and enjoy the outdoors is indeed a grand benefit.

So, as we move into fall and everyone gets ready for winter, we say goodbye to September, but hello to October and what it may bring! Enjoy the season and enjoy the photos!



Vermont Fall Foliage Vermont Fall Foliage









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