Vermont Hunting Season

Deer/rifle hunting season starts tomorrow, November 10, and runs through November 25. I call it “share the woods” season. While I often like to traipse around the great outdoors in my own backyard, I am aware that during this time of year there are men with guns in the woods with me. So I try to be considerate and, well, share.

Dress Code

Vermont Hunting SeasonVermont hunting seasonIf you go into the woods during hunting season, it is wise to wear bright colors, so hunters can distinguish you from a deer. I mean really, let’s be smart. Besides, what woman doesn’t like the opportunity to wear her brightest wardrobe without anyone making any fashion-police-type remarks? Wouldn’t this orange vest go great with those black yoga pants? And speaking  of fashion, have you heard about the Hunter’s Widow Sale at Lenny’s Shoe & Apparel? You can stock up on all your favorite hunting styles (and other styles, too)!

Where to Go

In all seriousness, some of your favorite trails may not be a good choice during hunting season, but there are many trails you can still enjoy where hunters don’t go. Do keep in mind the sad fact that state parks are open season for hunting.

If you need to get your hiking fix in the next few weeks, or just want to get your ski legs in shape, consider hiking at a ski resort. There’s nothing quite like hiking straight up a ski trail, and because ski resorts are so busy this time of year the dear stay away and so do the hunters. I recently went with friends for a hike up Smuggs’. Of course I was pathetic and out of shape, but hey! I was there, and I got a good workout.

If you’re in Stowe, the Stowe Land Trust has preserved a few parcels of land where hunting is not allowed. Wiessner Woods and Kirschner Woods are both safe during hunting season, and you can take your dog, too.

If you do hike with your dog, be sure to deck her out in bright orange, too. Pet Food Warehouse and Petco have a good selection of bright orange doggie fashions.

Photo by Kate Carter,

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