Vermont Maple Syrup

The business of making maple syrup – maple sugaring – started with small farms for home use in the colonial days. Over the years maple syrup has grown to an iconic industry in Vermont. People love Vermont maple syrup!

Here are some places in Underhill and Jericho where you can go watch locals make maple syrup and buy some fresh syrup and other maple products.

Vermont Maple SyrupProctor Maple Research Center

Macomber Mountain Farm

Amber Ridge Maple

Burgess Sugar House

Palmer Lane Maple

Walker’s Vermont Pure Maple Syrup LLC, 75 Sand Hill Road, Underhill, VT, 05489, 802-899-3088.

Vermont Maple SyrupTap Your Own Trees

Vermont also has many homegrown sugaring operations and families harvest sap on their on land. My family taps a few trees and every year we gathers at a friend’s sugar shack and we help them make gallons of syrup, some of it from the sap of our trees.

Intrigued by the whole idea of hobby sugaring? You can have your own sugaring operation on this 70-acre parcel of land I have for sale at 27 North Underhill Station Road, Underhill, Vermont.

Interested? Call me at 802-899-3890, or contact me. Let’s sweeten up your life!

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