Vermont Mudroom Ideas

sell your house in winterKitchens and bathrooms are the most important rooms that buyers look at when shopping for a house. However, if you live in Vermont, you no doubt know that the most important room in any house is the mudroom. As a real estate agent I know that Vermont’s ever-changing weather means a lot of the great outdoors gets tracked into the house, and we also know the best way to control that mess is to confine it to a mudroom.

Now that you know why it’s called a mudroom and why it’s so important that every Vermont home have a mudroom, let’s take a look at some mudroom ideas for Vermont homes.

Mudroom Must-Haves

sell your house in winterHere are the key ingredients for a good mudroom

  • Boot trays
  • Open hooks for airing out damp outerwear
  • Shelves with bins for corralling accessories
  • A seat for pulling footwear on and off
  • Resilient surfaces that dirt can’t hurt
  • Pet beds

Boot Trays

As soon as anyone walks in the door, shoes and boots should come off. At least that’s the plan, anyway. A good mudroom will have plenty of space for all kinds of footwear, whether they are stored in cubbies or lined up on the floor. It’s really helpful to have rubber boot trays that catch all the slop and can be carried outdoors and cleaned off. We happen to like this one from Gardeners Supply.

sell your house in winterGet hooked

A good mudroom will also have a place to hang coats and jackets out in the open. This give damp clothing a chance to dry out. It’s not exactly a neat and tidy look, but once those clothes are dry you can move them to a closet.

Bin there

Keeping scarves, gloves, leashes, etc. corralled will help keep the place looking neat. Large square baskets are popular as they look nice and it’s easy to shake out any loose dirt that has fallen to the bottom.

sell your house in winterTake a seat

Sometimes you just need to sit down to take off footwear. A bench or chair is a nice addition to any mudroom.

Simply floored

The best flooring in a mudroom is concrete or tile. Both are easy to vacuum, sweep, and mop. Often, a quick sweeping is all that’s need to tidy up. These types of floorings are well-suited for radiant heat, the ultimate in mudroom heat systems. With radiant heat, all that wet footwear will dry out within a few hours.


If you have pets, consider putting a pet bed in the mudroom. It’s a good place for a dirty dog to chill before she’s let into the rest of the house.

Here are some Vermont mudroom ideas we really like.

sell your house in winter sell your house in winter sell your house in winter

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